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eGarage: One stop solution for all cars

This is only a newly discovered trend among the local car buyers though. One reason for this is an increase in the number of advanced service centers in the country. For this feature of Turbine, we bring to you one of the newest modern workshops of the country- Maven eGarage.

In Bangladesh, car workshops can be found in almost every block and corner in every area. While such workshops usually get the job done for most common and older models of cars, most mechanics have barely any experience with the new sophisticated hybrid systems, transmission setups, turbocharged engines and many more. Thus, with the growth in popularity for ‘non Toyota’ and hybrid cars, specialised workshops have now turned out to be no less than a necessity at present.

eGarage is a sister concern of Maven Autos Bangladesh, a reputable car dealership of Bangladesh. Established last year in November 2021, the workshop can provide service to a total of 12 cars at the time of opening.


“At this point, we can only provide our services to about 10-12 cars in our workshop at once. However, we plan to increase our capacity very soon.” an official from Maven eGarage confirmed


Like most other premium workshops, eGarage offers all kinds of general servicing, maintenance services, repairs, engine work, suspension work etc. However, what eGarage mostly specialises in is its paint booth and hybrid battery maintenance.


Dent paint services are quite common all across the country. However, eGarage claims their one to be different. “Our paint booth is one of the most technologically advanced paint booths one can find in the country”, Mr. Josh, an official from eGarage mentioned, “With our expertise in the field of dent paint, we promise to ensure a near factory finish outcome for all cars.”

Going green has become the most popular topic all across the world and most car manufacturers have responded to this by offering hybrid cars which are powered by a highly efficient battery pack along with conventional combustion engines. Despite hybrid cars being around us for over two decades by now, such cars have only become popular in Bangladesh since the last few years after the government decided to lower taxes on hybrid cars. Hence, to most Bangladeshi cars as well as service centers, hybrid is a fairly new concept and the biggest concern of hybrid car buyers is with the maintenance and sourcing of battery packs for their cars.


This is exactly where Maven comes with their speciality in hybrid maintenance. Aside from being one of the first to offer maintenance for hybrid cars eGarage is also a direct importer of spare parts specific to hybrid cars such as battery packs, electric motors etc.


“ Dent Paint, Hybrid Maintenance, Dual Clutch Transmission- these are the fields where eGarage is one of the first and very few to ensure a trusted maintenance service”


EGarage has been aiming to provide a one stop solution for every possible type of cars being driven around in the country. Hence, eGarage has also directly collaborated with CarPro, one of the country’s finest detailing workshops, as well as Total which sells equipment related to cars such as pressure washers, tool kits etc. Besides, Maven Group is also working on making an e- commerce site for spare parts and lubricants for all types of automobiles which will be directly linked with eGarage. Thus, car owners can get spare parts of their vehicles directly from eGarage which can also translate to authenticity and possible lower price.

What are your future plans with eGarage?


Since eGarage started operation in November 2021, it has been able to create a team of 50 members including 6 main engineers. However, eGarage doesn’t plan to limit itself to that. Our future plans include an even more futuristic paint booth, installation of modern machineries, improving our roadside assistance service, the e-commerce site as mentioned earlier and many more. Our ultimate dream is to extend ourselves to all 64 districts of Bangladesh one day which we hope will be able to achieve in the near future!



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