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Driving in the winter of Bangladesh

Prepare Ahead of Time
Winter in Bangladesh normally begins around December. You’ll need to do some extra preparation before winter to protect your safety. One of the prudent options is to spend a little additional money on a heavy-duty wax. Invest in a new car cover if you don’t already have one. Because the weather has become more unpredictable as a result of global warming, park your automobile in the garage.

Check Your Tires
The effects of the cold on tires are significant. It softens your car’s rubber more than all-season tires. Snow tires are not required in Bangladesh, however you should check your tire grip. Dew on the road might make it difficult to acquire sufficient traction in the winter. Replace tires with reduced traction if you locate them. Another thing to remember is to check your tire pressure on a regular basis, since low temperatures might impact your tires.

Check Your Wipers
Wipers help to increase visibility in foggy weather. Make sure your wipers are working properly. Ensure a supply of wiper fluid. Replace the wipers if they are not working well.

Have Your Battery Checked
Damage to a car’s battery is quite prevalent in Bangladesh. On a cold morning, almost every vehicle is confronted with the problem. In cold conditions, a battery’s operation is often more challenging. Take your time to have your car’s battery checked by a professional. You may engage a professional from to inspect your battery and meet your other demands. Check your fluid level once a month if the battery’s cover is detachable. Examine the cable connections and charge or replace them if required.

Check Your Oils
Winter automobile care instructions are straightforward, but there is one that is easily overlooked. Cold weather has a deleterious impact on engine oil and other lubricants. Oils may thicken or engine circulation may be reduced in the cold. If there are any suggestions, look over the user handbook. Replace the engine oil and other fluids on a regular basis. Keep an eye on them on a regular basis.



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