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2021 Discover 110: A minor refresh to the already great commuter

Currently, there are tens of different bikes to choose from when it comes to the commuter bike segment in Bangladesh. However, since the last 10 years, if there’s one particular bike which was the most favorite among the point A to B goers, then it’s none other than Bajaj’s Discover series. In this feature, we take an exclusive look at the Bajaj Discover 110 2021.

Design and Features


Bajaj has surely been reluctant to change the overall outlook of the Discover series, but the Indian manufacturer hasn’t skipped much on adding new features to the Discover 110 over the years. The Discover 110 now comes in four different colors, red, black-blue, black-green and a black-red variant and 3D badges which visually sets it apart from older models. Although the unit we got to review was the red only variant, I would’ve personally loved to get my hands on the black-green variant which surely looks the best in my opinion.


In the front, the headlight of the new Discover 110 has been redesigned to incorporate daytime running lights (DRL) which are LED although the original headlight is a halogen bulb. Can’t complain much about the headlight given the target consumer Bajaj is trying to sell the Discover to. Besides, the tail lamps of the new Discover 110 consist of LEDs too.


The Discover now comes with tubeless tires both in the front and the rear. The 17 inch diamond cut rims come with 100/80/17 tires both in the front and the rear.


One of the most noticeable design changes of the Discover 110 which sets it apart from the older version of the Discover 110 is it’s redesigned quilt stitched seat. Almost having a ‘caferacer’ like design, the seat now gives the Discover 110 almost a retro look.


What doesn’t make the bike feel retro is it’s reprogrammed gauge cluster. The semi digital cluster might still look like the typical ones from Bajaj but the new 2021 model surely packs a lot more features. For instance, the gauge cluster now comes with a very useful gear indicator, which even the flagship models of other bike manufacturers miss out at times.


When it comes to features, the entry level Bajaj Discover 110 surely has a lot to offer. Another notable feature along with the tubeless tires and the reconfigured gauge cluster mentioned above is the combined braking system (CBS) technology the disk brake only Discover 110 comes with. Called ‘Anti Skid Braking’ by Bajaj, this feature makes both brakes work together when either of the brakes are used and thus helps to avoid skidding during intense situations. Besides, the Discover 110 also comes with both a kickstarter as well as self start.

Performance and Driving Impressions


The Bajaj Discover 110 comes with a 115.45cc twin-spark 4 stroke air cooled DTS-I engine which produces a maximum power output of 8.6PS at 7000rpm and a maximum torque of 9.81Nm at 5000rpm.


In real life situations, the power delivery of the Discover 110 may probably not be the most from a 110cc bike but it’s still liveable with. The bike lacks a bit when it comes to ‘ready pickup’ but the bike runs great as soon as it gains some momentum. Cruising around Hatirjheel at 60km/h with the Discover 110 was surely a bliss, especially due to the new extremely comfortable quilt stitched leather seat which now makes long rides a lot more bearable.


The 119kg kerb weight makes the Discover 110 very easy to maneuver in traffic but is just the perfect weight to keep it sturdy when big buses and trucks pass by on the highway. Although, it isn’t recommended to take the Discover 110 frequently on the highway, given that the rider will have a hard time keeping up with the other more powerful vehicles on the highway.


Besides, the 100 section tyre in the rear doesn’t perform the best when going over sand or rocks and it is very easy to lose control when at high speeds given how lightweight the bike is. However, one thing which surely deserves a round of applause is the Discover’s ‘Anti Skid Braking’ system which makes controlling the bike very easy even with the not so thick rear tires.


The suspension setup is amazing too. Although the bike we got to ride was a brand new unit, it did absorb most speed bumps and potholes amazingly well. Given the riding comfort it provides, the lack of stiffness can surely be forgiven given the Discover 110 isn’t a bike that has been designed for high speed cornering.

 Final Verdict


 Priced at Tk 1,20,500 BDT, the Discover 110 is a great bike for anyone who doesn’t require much power and is only planning to ride the bike mainly as a commuter or for ride sharing. The Discover series has always performed great both in the urban and the rural areas. The previous generation Discover series have already proven to be very user friendly and reliable in the past and it’s almost certain that the new one will be no different.


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