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Avik Anwar becomes the first Bangladeshi racer to win on a Formula1 track

Touhid Anwar of Bangladesh has won three races in the NGK Pro Car Championship in the United Arab Emirates thus far. He is best known as Avik Anwar in the worldwide Formula Race circuit.


He then made a video of the title available to followers on the social media site Facebook. Avik is overjoyed to be the winner, and his admirers are applauding him on social media.


Avik had previously stated in a Facebook post, “Today’s success belongs to those who said “I can’t,” “It’s not feasible,” and “I’ve always looked down on Bangladeshis.” You will always dream big, and no matter how difficult it is to realize your dreams, they will come true one day, insha’Allah.”

Avik is the first Bangladeshi racer to achieve such an accomplishment. As a result, Avik Anwar’s success is a source of pride for Bangladesh. “For the first time in Bangladeshi history, a Bangladeshi won a Formula 1 track title,” Avik said on Facebook. “Your prayers and Almighty Allah’s will made this possible.” “I’d want to express my gratitude to my sponsors for their continued support.”


Avik had already been praised by Bangladeshi fans, including his close friend Tamim Inam, after winning the first round. Avik told the reporters that he was ecstatic about his newfound celebrity. “I only played in three rounds of the event last year,” he stated over the phone from Dubai, “but I aim to play in all of the rounds this year.” My preparation prior to coming here was excellent. My confidence grew significantly after winning the first round. I’m hoping to do much better in the subsequent rounds.”


Formula racers from all over the world competed in this year’s championship, including Scotland, New Zealand, Belgium, Mexico, Ireland, the United Arab Emirates, India, Switzerland, Austria, the United Kingdom, and France.



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