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What makes it special?

It was very unexpected when my father asked me what I want for my 18th birthday, so I jokingly said “Baba get me this car whenever you can”. It was an older E250 coupe from 2011. However, when he talked to the seller, they couldn’t agree on mutual terms. So, after negotiating Karib Autos, a known dealer of my dad’s, we decided to buy this car.

This car holds a huge sentimental value as my dad gifted me this as a present for my 18th birthday. Therefore, it is just extra special and the car itself is something out of this world.

Three facts you need to know about the car that makes it unique

It’s a convertible of course, and that fact alone is pretty special and unique for Bangladesh.

A fun fact is, the rims on this specific car is actually a 1 of 1.Although it’s from the AMG Line, it’s actually called the DesignoEdition rims. Take a closer look and you could notice how different it is from the other ones.

Many think the car produces 190 horsepower but it actually puts out 250 and is actually quite fast, but being heavy it does get pulled down a bit. But for a 1.5L it’s a really well performing car.

Is it worth the price?

I don’t think any car in our country is actually “worth” the price because of the extravagant taxes but we still buy cars cause we have no option and the cars carry feelings greater than the money.In that context, yes it is definitely worth it and to be able to drive a car like this in Bangladesh is special without a doubt.

Do you want to upgrade this car in the future? If not, what plans do you have for the car in the future?

Yes, I do have quite a few plans for the car such as doing a decat and putting in a new exhaust so the car sounds more like a car and not a vacuum cleaner. I also do want to give it a bit of tuning treatment so that maybe I can get a bit more out of the engine and some more pops and bangs through the exhaust too through some ECU remaps.

Other than that, I do have plans for upgrading to most probably a GT-R, because that car is really one of a kind. Either that or a Porsche 911. Maybe even a total project car; only time will tell.

How has the car been serving you?

The car has been serving me better than ever; it’s been a good companion. It’s such a great car and so much fun to drive, it’s unbelievable. Especially since winter is here, it’s the C200’s time to shine; it’s going to be quite a lot of fun driving the car with the roof down.

Although I am a bit worried about the fuel consumption because seems a bit too much for a 1.5L.Then again I don’t floor the pedals any less anyway!

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