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I’m Musabbir Hossain, 26, and I’m studying for a Bachelor of Business Administration at ULA.

“From a young age I’ve had a fascination towards cars and I learnt driving at a very young age. As I grew older I started to gather more knowledge about cars. I was in the 8th Grade when I felt like I was ready to have a car, so I convinced my father and he agreed on giving me the 2005 Lancer which was being used as our family car at that time. That is where my journey started”.

Musabbir was searching for a manual, turbocharged rear wheel drive car after selling his AE100 Corolla GT. The Toyota Chaser met all his requirements and a close friend of his was selling his CKD (Completely Knocked Down) converted JZX100 Chaser, so he got a good deal on it the first chance he got. This Chaser is a very good example of a well done CKD conversion and is by no means stock. Paired with the legendary 1JZ-GTE is the R154 gearbox, a common companion to the 1JZ, which is also found in the A70 Supra. Osgiken ceramic clutch, Osgiken LSD (limited slip differential), Blitz intercooler, Blitz NuR spec full titanium exhaust system, Tein drift spec coilover, genuine Vertex bodykit and grill, extremely rare to find TRD cluster, Cusco Bars includes a couple of the modifications that have been made to this RWD wonder. Rolling the car is a set of Lenso 18 inch wheels wrapped with Zestino Z-REX tyres.

Why the Chaser?

The Chaser X100 is one of the most demanded JDM rear-wheel-drive four door

car because of its amazing chassis rigidity to hold the JZ engine at high horsepower figures.

Its rich racing pedigree, taking part in the Japanese Touring Car Championship in late 90s and

a being a staple in drifting events, surely adds to its desirability. If you want a practical mid-sized RWD sedan with a solid chassis which supports such high performance engine swaps precisely without any sort of trouble, this is a prime choice. And with what it provides, it wouldn’t be wrong to say this is an affordable bang for buck car; you get every penny’s worth out of it.

What is your best memory with the Chaser? How has it served you thus far?

Every memory with this car is precious, I do not have a single best memory with it, it has always put a smile on my face.

It may have certain caveats though, as any project car in Dhaka streets would. Daily driving a Chaser is definitely not practical as this car has coilovers which have been set up stiff to aid handling, sacrificing its comfort; stiff ceramic clutch needed some getting used to as Musabbir told us. Having a lowered car in Dhaka is a struggle due to all the speed bumps and undeveloped roads. Even with these setbacks however, he tries to drive it as much as he can due to the sheer amount of pleasure it exudes. Gas mileage is something that project car users face issues with and this is no different.

“My advice to all the people interested in project cars would be to work with people that have worked on such cars in the past, people who know how things work, people with the proper experience”. Maintaining project cars can certainly be quite daunting, which can be a turn off for many newcomers. Thus, proper research before getting into any project is a prerequisite.

After selling his first car which was a 2005 Lancer GLX , he got a 2008 Lancer CX3 I.6L. Musabbir’s third car was a 2011 Lancer Ex which till now is within his family. Later on he got into project cars, and bought an AE100 in which he later conducted a GT conversion with a proper 4AGE treatment. After selling the Ae100 and a GX100 Mark II he had, Musabbir bought the Chaser and later on, a Toyota Celica. Currently, he plans on keeping both of them, but has a Lancer Evolution in the back of his mind, for the foreseeable future.

Any impending upgrades?

Installing speed limit defencer to unlock the the speed limiter from 190km/h,

install forged pistons with upgraded rod bolts to accommodate higher power,  and upgrading the turbo to a big single one and a new wastegate for more power is on the top of my mind right now.

The sheer pleasure of driving the JZX100 can certainly be tempting. High horsepower along with a rear wheel drive platform is a killer combo for fun, but if you’re not mindful, it can become a killer in other ways. It’s not meant for everyone,

rear wheel drives have a tendency to oversteer which the driver has to know how to counter. Reckless driving is always avoided.



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