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GLS vs X7: Battle of the Flagship SUVs

With the current rising demand for crossovers and sport utility vehicles worldwide, every automaker is trying their best to get as much of a market share as possible with the release of newer and better additions and refreshes almost every year. Luxury brands such as BMW and Mercedes always had crossovers and SUVs in their line up but it wasn’t until recently that these have started to get better and better at a significant rate. Originally named the GL-class, the  Mercedes GLS has been ar



At first glance, the BMW X7 looks like a slightly larger and boxier version of the X5. But a closer look reveals that the styling cues of the X7 have been greatly inspired from that of BMW’s flagship sedan, the 7 series.


It completely makes sense given that the X7 is also BMW’s flagship SUV as mentioned before. Being the biggest car offered by BMW in terms of dimensions, the X7 also comes with the biggest grille ever fitted to any BMW.

While the grille of the X7 is surely huge, one would be surprised to find out that the grille of the GLS is actually slightly bigger than that of the X7. Like its mammoth sized grille, the S-class of SUVs, the GLS also looks visually bigger compared to the X7.

Other than that, the GLS, having a rounder shape, looks way tamer compared to the X7. The same can be said for the rear as well where the X7 looks like a BMW 7 series stretched from the top and bottom whereas the GLS got a much more subtle design.


Just like the exterior, the inside of the BMW is also inspired from the other BMW models, especially the 7 series. In fact, the dash is an exact copy of that from the 7 series. Coming with the obvious leather seats, ambient lighting, climate control, heated seats etc.

one will expect from an European flagship luxury SUV, the X7 also comes with features such as voice assistant, gesture control and many more.

One feature exclusive to the X7 is its long panoramic roof which goes all the way till the third row seats and also has ambient lighting.

However, the interior of the GLS, also inspired from other Mercedes models, has got more wooden trims and a retro look to it. In my honest opinion, the interior of the GLS is more pleasing to the eyes and also more technologically advanced compared to that of the BMW X7.

Also coming with flagship features such as wireless charging, voice control, massage seats, an even brighter ambient lighting system and also many more. However, if one asks about which one feels more roomy, it is surely gonna be the X7.



 Although both of these luxury sport utility vehicles weren’t built keeping performance in mind, yet the BMW X7 xDrive40i available in Bangladesh produces a combined power output of 335 brake horsepower and 330 pound feet of torque making the car go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 5.6 seconds.

On the other hand, the GLS has a slightly lower power figure of 325 brake horse power and also a slower 0 to 60 miles per hour time of 6.0 seconds.

However, power and driving feel has never been the focus for either of these cars.

What’s more important is the driving feel and comfort. The larger 23 inch wheels of the GLS makes it slightly less comfortable compared to that of the X7 and the X7 also does have a better driving feel as per many reports.

Final Verdict

Although both the German automakers have gone all out with both their flagship SUVs, BMW X7 has been able to have a slight edge compared to the Mercedes GLS in terms of features, comfort and even driving feel.

However, the GLS is by no means a bad car and also isn’t too far behind.



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