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Ohana Diner: Hawaiian roots in Dhaka

Not sticking to the conventions of our city, Ohana Diner is a seafood diner with inspiration all the way from Hawaii. Definitely, the Dhakaian culinary scene has been and is expanding fast enough, yet Hawaiian food is something anyone here would least expect to have on their plate.

“A seafood-based Diner with an oceanic theme, upholding rich flavors of Hawaiian cuisine”, is how Ohana describes itself on its Facebook page. Undoubtedly, the ambience is reminiscent of its theme and cuisine. The place is small but not cramped, which really gives it a homey and cozy feel. Fishing nets cover the ceiling, Meanwhile, ukuleles and an Aloha signage hang on the wall and seashells lie around everywhere constantly reminding you of the entire oceanic vibe. Having spent a couple of years in Hawaii, chief executive Ayesha Hossain Shahnila decided to migrate the Hawaiian cuisine to her countrymen, and her passion does shine through with the thoroughly decorated interior.

The menu is quite diverse and for people with an inclination towards a seafood-based palate will surely enjoy the sheer variety. The full menu is available on their Facebook page for you to avail. From their signature spicy, punchy and flavoursome ‘Suicide Octopus’, or their assortment of delicious fish like the Red Snapper, to classic fish and chips and other fast food items, Ohana seems to have you covered despite what your taste buds’ dispositions.

Something to note definitely, is the price factor, which I must say is relatively quite affordable. Seafood is generally on the more expensive side of things, but Ohana Diner does not skimp on quantity either. Their main platter, the ‘Deep Sea Platter’ priced at Tk 1755/- includes a lobster along with garlic rice, fries, panko crust calamari, vegetable sautee, pasta salad and a beverage. That sounds amply generous, no matter who you ask. Moreover, their other dishes and courses range from around 400 to 1200 Taka, which also sounds good enough to me considering the cuisine.

Ohana claims in the belief of delivering a complete delight of an experience beginning from its food to the ambience and service. Syed Md Gias Uddin, executive partner and head chef, explained, “Ohana in Hawaiian culture means family, but also an idea of strong bond and unity among people.”


The diner is located at House #133, Road #9/A (New), Captain Road, Shankar, Dhanmondi, 1209 Dhaka, and food delivery is available via Foodpanda, Shohoz Foods, HungryNaki, Pathao,etc. with free delivery to several places in Dhaka. You can also check out their Facebook page for any further details.


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