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Will Bangladesh self-sufficient by producing its own cars

Taseer Karim, currently the Executive Director of PHP Automobiles Limited. He was also with Daewoo Corporation, Bangladesh before joining PHP Automobile Ltd in the year 2019 and was residing in USA.

The government has suggested a tax exemption of ten years on 30% value addition to local manufacturing and another 10 years on 40%. As a result, new job possibilities will arise. The country’s hard-won economy will save a significant amount of money and block the flow of foreign currencies, while investment in automobile manufacture will skyrocket. We have a strategy in place to expand investment, create jobs, and contribute to the economy in this area.

Mohammad Mizanur Rahman, the company’s founder, is a successful entrepreneur. We aim to make Bangladesh self-sufficient by producing its own automobiles and removing the obsolete cars that are harming the country’s economy. To achieve this, we’ll need serious efforts from policymakers as well as a shift in public opinion.

Bangladesh’s automotive market is dominated by secondhand vehicles. These automobiles are not authorized to run in their nation due to excessive emissions and pollution. However, PHP Automobile has been able to satisfy the desire of owning a brand new automobile at a lower cost in the previous three years.



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