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Wreckages of a $2.4million rare Ferrari F40 found between trees in Queensland!

Luckily the crash wasn’t too fatal for the owner, who was driving the car during the time of the accident, as both the owner and the passenger walked out of the scene alive and well but the same can’t be said for the car sadly. The car is in a horrific state and the state police claims excessive speeding might be the cause of the crash! The car did hit several poles before it got stuck between the trees. It isn’t assured whether the car was a real F40 or a replica yet. But if it is real then it surely was an expensive mistake as these models of Ferrari are worth a few million dollars. Currently a Ferrari F40 is up for sale at a staggering amount of $2.4million and prices might go up to be even higher if it is the end of this beautiful unit as there will be an even limited quantity of F40s now available worldwide.



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