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The 2021 Hyundai Tucson got teased and it’s… wild

At first sight the frontend of the new Tucson looks completely different from any Hyundai model ever sold by the company. But if you try hard enough, you’ll perhaps remember that you’ve seen this car somewhere before. Oh yes! Back in 2019, back when wearing mask wasn’t the new normal, Hyundai displayed the Vision T at Los Angeles Auto Show which was basically a compact crossover concept. One year later we’re finally confirmed this is the design of the new Tucson which some people who’ve seen the Vision T might have already guessed this back then. With headlights integrated into the grille and taillights which look rather European this Tucson is nothing like the world has ever seen before. The Parametric Hidden Lights in the front, as named by the automaker, as well as the long taillight stretching the full span of the car completely changed the essence of the car from an aesthetic point of view making the car look more rugged and tough than it’s previous generations.



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