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The new Peugeot 3008 will come with a 300hp powertrain

This mid-size SUV is definitely one of the better-looking ones in its class. There is a new headlight design along with the set of vertical daytime lights. The grille is also a tad bit bigger than it used to be and to be honest, unlike some other European cars (like BMW), the large grille actually goes with the aesthetics of the car. Maybe the popular believe that large grilles are ugly doesn’t necessarily go with all cars and we have one perfect example of it here. The new 3008 also received a frameless design like many modern 2021 cars. Inside the Peugeot 3008 you are welcomed with a very modern looking cabin with comfortable leather seats and a dashboard which looks rather futuristic in my opinion. The i-Cockpit system is upgraded with a new 10inch touchscreen infotainment system and along with a new 12.3inch digital gauge cluster.

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