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Generic Cafe Racer 165: Finally a good option that’s also unique!

A cafe racer is a type of a two wheeler bike which has been modified for performance and good handling and designed to go short distances. This genre of motorbikes were originally designed and introduced by British bikers back in the 1960s and have received immense popularity globally since then. Although this genre of bikes weren’t popular in the motorcycle market of Bangladesh even a decade ago but lately, especially since the last five years or so, there has been an increase in the demand for cafe racers among the young bikers in Bangladesh. Many teens who have just acquired their license have started building their own cafe racers using old Honda bikes such as the CB125 or even other Japanese brands such as Yamaha. However, although many international bike brands have multiple cafe racers in their line up, many of them have never been offered in Bangladesh. One of the primary reasons being the absurd 165cc engine displacement limit as it is near impossible to make a good performance bike with a displacement this low. Despite that, some brands are still offering some good cafe racers officially in Bangladesh. One of them being the Generic Cafe Racer 165 which we will be reviewing for this feature of Turbine.



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