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Breaking all possible records


Why AG  focus on AG Auto workshop?

AG Auto has been providing the aftersales service for the dealership brands we represent: Ford, Volvo, Peugeot, Jeep, and Alfa Romeo. Additionally we had been serving other brand vehicles (Toyota, Nissan, Honda, etc) to utilise the the unused capacity. From 2017, we re-strategised and focused our Aftersales operation to stand for itself, and with hard work and support from all; including our stakeholders, we have successfully established “AG AUTO WORKSHOPS”, a premium vehicle service center with competitive rates.

Can you share your experience while working for AG Auto workshop?
Honestly, I am not a technical person; in fact i am business graduate. But when our honourable Managing Director (MD) gave to me this opportunity, I was a bit of confused, but our MD sir with all his work experience and working with the global brands explained that it is not necessary to be a technical person to run an aftersales service, rather one has to have the managerial capacity to run any operation efficiently. And Alhamdulillah, during the five years of operation, we have broken all possible records in terms of revenue, UVs, capacity utilisation, stock turnover, and profitability. Our brand equity is also at the highest ever level. It was truly a team effort that made this possible.
I truly believe in the notion that a leader should take the blame on himself/herself for the failure but shares the success with everyone.

In your vision what do you thing a proper service center should have?
As we are connected with multiple global brands and we bring their vision to our work. One of the most important criterion is to Fix Right the First Time, and we pursue this objective to service the vehicles. If we can fix the car right for the first time then then trust is developed automatically with the customer. We try to maintain a good relationship with customers and engaging with them at key touch points and deliver good service. Our customer rating is highest in the industry which only proves that we are going the right way.

In our country one of the biggest barriers is finding skillful technician. How do you plan to solve this entire problem?
Fortunately, we got a good team of skilled and experienced technicians working with us for long time. But in current market scenario along with the skill, one has to have literacy with sufficient capability in english. We are stuck in a situation with good workers with language briar and that does not help as lot of training (online, in-class and youtube) has to be done in english. To break this barrier we are getting a new breed of fresh graduate whom we teach and make them super workers.

What is your suggestion to all the car and bike owners when it comes to maintaining their vehicles?
A car is a big investment, in fact a global survey identified vehicle as the 2nd most important investment for boys/male. So taking care of ones investment is important too.
There are some tips and tricks that one should do, but I suggest everyone to do this quick self check once a week besides doing the regular service on time. If any problem is identified, one should go to a good workshop.
I would personally recommend everyone to visit a workshop with a pedigree and have proper system in place to take care of the customer vehicle, because there are local garages who are dishonest and shall all sort of things to just to be competitive (even if it means stealing some other parts from the vehicle that is just good, or installing a poor quality parts). At AG Auto Workshop we are committed to give the best service at competitive price. S

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