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Auto Xpress: The one stop workshop for the exotic cars of Bangladesh

The car scene in Bangladesh has improved drastically in the last few years. Despite the fact that Bangladeshis need to pay an amount almost two to three times the price of the car on import duties, yet, hundreds of new premium sports cars and exotics still enter the country every year. Auto Xpress is a garage located in Bashundhara of the country’s capital and is known to be a popular workshop among sports car and exotic owners of Bangladesh.


Auto Xpress didn’t require much time before it became ‘boomingly’ popular soon after they started operation over 5 years ago in October of 2016. Founded by Md. Nazmul Haque along with director Abdus Samad, the workshop rests on top of a 28 ‘katha’ plot while the total premises of the workshop has a total area of 27360 square feet.

“On average, we serve around 30-40 cars on a daily basis,” an official from Auto Xpress mentioned during an interview, “ however, we have the ability to serve nearly 80 cars at maximum capacity!”


Like most large workshops, Auto Xpress also consists of a separate paint booth and a dent paint area. Besides, they’re specialized in every type of engine work, mechanical and electrical work, air conditioner setups as well as the suspension setups of any type of cars.


However, what sets Auto Xpress apart from other workshops is their speciality in working on European and exotic Japanese cars. A visit to Auto Xpress will reveal itself to be the dream workshop for any petrolheads. If one has seen photos of Japanese workshops with several exotic cars sitting in the background, then Auto Xpress isn’t too far from it. On my visit to Auto Xpress on a regular day, I’ve spotted a Subaru Impreza STI, a Nissan Silvia S15, a Mitsubishi Evolution IX, a Toyota MR-2, a GT86, an Infiniti G35, a Porsche Boxster, a few Mercedes and many other exotics. Petrolheads and owners of exotic cars as well as project car owners choose Auto Xpress due to their expertise in engine tuning and mechanical work.

Auto Xpress has a team of over 100 highly experienced people working full day for six days a week. Mr. Al Mamun, who has been a part of Auto Xpress since the very beginning, is an expert in electrical works as well as tuning Japanese cars. Other than him, there are 5 other engineers in Auto Xpress  specialized in electrical works.

Auto Xpress has become one of the most popular workshops in the country only within a few days after its launch. This is mainly because of the craftsmanship and premium quality services which can be provided by no other, let the car be a JDM legend, an European exotic or even a Tesla! Besides, as per its officials, Auto Xpress plans to shift its complete focus on European cars in the near future and plans to bring in every type of scanners, robotics and machineries possible to be able to provide advanced services while meeting the global standards.



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