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Make way for the Youngstar

We all know about Avik Anwar as the Bangladeshi Pro car racer who has been racing for a very long time. He is very popular among the youth who are car lover, enthusiast and car fanatic. But as time goes by comes someone to compete against the pioneer to make a name for himself and that new someone is Ayman Sadat.

Ayman is a 21 year old emerging pro car racer who is from Chittagong. He first syarted his career in the world of smokes and tires in the year 2019 by participating in the Volkswagen Ameo Cup. There were a total of 119 drivers trying to get selected for the race and he was 2nd among all of them. And after competing through all the rounds, fighting and struggling going through all the ups and downs in the race Ayman received his first ever junior championship trophy.

In February 2022 Ayman attended the NGK Dubai Autodrome championship against the best of the best who were more experienced than him. He competed for 2 different categories and in both of them he has received the 2nd position. Battling against cars from different classes and more experienced he still managed to push himself to the next stage and achieved his prize.

Both his parents and his brother helped him to grow to this stage. They have encouraged him showed him the ways and pushed him when he needed in becoming who he is now.

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